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Member Name : Delia

Status: Married
162 cm.
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Member Name : Thomasina

Status: Not important
181 cm.
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Member Name : Shona

Status: Single
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Member Name : Sara

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Member Name : Shawnda

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Member Name : Linda

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Seeking LIFE relationship with assertive WOMAN FOR A WIFE. Note I am a "traditional gentleman" wanting to change my life, relocate and career change. Every since I was a young boy I had aggressive women seduce me in some from or manner. This all started even as early as 7 years of age. I am a nice looking white guy (cute as a child) with thick black hair, brown eyes, average in height. At age 7, I was accosted by t single ladies looking for couples in Turtle Lake MT, Sheffield, Pacific Grove, Farmville VA, Springfield VT, Glenwood GA hree black girls about age 12 pulling at me, even threatening me with a knife only stopping after they each had a turn at kissing me. During summer time play at age 9 with family friends over, a dominant older girl (14) would tackle me and force her pussy to my face making a point to shove her pussy to my mouth as she sat on top of me. 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I seem to prefer men a few years older than myself. Being in college, I've found most of the men I come in contact with are lacking in the maturity factor. My hope is to find single ladies looking for couples in Turtle Lake MT, Brightwaters, Point Pleasant Beach, Lone Tree IA, Burke SD, East Williston FL someone in their mid to late twenties already out of college, and hopefully done with the immaturity phase. Other than the maturityage factor here is what I'm looking for. -Someone who doesn't live at home, even room mates are o.k. but mom and dad aren't. -Someone who has a job, I'm 21 and I have two jobs so hopefully you can have at least one. -Someone who enjoys sports, I'm a huge sports fan, football especially. -Someone who is open to going camping and fishing -Attraction is a must, you should consider yourself attractive. I'm an attractive woman, you should be attractive as well. A little about me -I'm 5'6, full figuredcurvy (you get the idea, I have meat on me) - Dark Brown almost Black hair, Green eyes, perfect teeth -Full time student with two jobs -Live on my own -My idea of a good day involves a football game and camping. I won't put a picture up because I don't want someone I don't want to see it, to find it. You should reply with a picture though, so I know who I'm talking to.

I have been single now for approximately 10 months. Yes I have been dating on and off, but still no luck. Am I too picky, or are all guys just jerks? I believe I am a very attractive woman. I am not sk single ladies looking for couples in Turtle Lake MT, Byers TX, Ulsan, Blades, Braymer MO, Gig Harbor WA inny, nor am I huge. Most say, I am a "thick girl". I have blonde hair, blue eyes. I am white. I do have pics, and will trade pics. I have to admit, I am highly attracted to black men, but just because your not black, doesn't mean I wont talk to you. However, I do believe, there must be an attraction. I ultimately would love to find my soul mate, but it never hurts to gain a new friend, right? Some of the things I like to do are; I love listening to music, dancing, clubbing, movies, bowling, walking, working out and my quiet time, these are just a few. I do like to try new things. Please I don't want any looser's. You must have a car, driver's license, and work. I am a very hard worker, and I work and drive my own car as well. I don't wanna be anyone's taxi! Please don't respond if you can't send a pic! Enjoy this wonderful summer weather!

Hey girls!!!!! I am looking for my ultimate clubbin buddy. I love to dance drink get crazy on the dance floor kiss dance freaky do it all. I will like to find someone that is into that and also that would love to play after the club, some kissing fingering licking do it all! single ladies looking for couples in Turtle Lake MT, Milltown NJ, Eldorado Springs CO, Taft Heights, Mound SD, Alban Ontario My favorite place is TJ and well I am looking for that one girl that likes to go there and wants to go there. I use to go with my boyfriend I went 20+ times last year but he is getting tired of going and partying. He is older and is pretty much done with it. So I am dying to go and get crazy drink kiss go to strip bars drink unlimited. Let me know. So we can meet in person ASAP before we go to make sure you are no men and be ready to voice verify before we meet. I am open to any race age and size. FYI I am a little chubby.

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